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Custom Tanks & Brewhouses

No matter what your brewing needs are, we can accommodate! All of our tanks are made with your brewing preference in mind. 

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Customizable Areas

Brewhouse Customization

  • Pump Type

    Standard centrifugal pump or an upgraded twin screw pump? Twin screws are suggested for 3 or 4-vessel systems with a heavy grain bill. 

  • Heating Style

    Electric, Direct Fire or Steam? There are many different factors to consider when deciding which style to use. 

  • Vessel Amount

    2, 3, or 4-vessel? The answer to this question depends on your production needs and floor availability.

  • Electrical Demands

    How many amps & voltage do you have available? Single-phase or three-phase?

  • Deg. of Automation

    Manual = just shut-offs, no control panel.

    Semi-auto = shut-offs and control panel (variable speed pump & rake).

    Full-auto = auto valves & Full PLC control.

  • Orientation

    Depending on the number of vessels you have and your floor plan, we can provide a working platform in a straight line orientation or condensed configuration.

Customization for Both Brewhouses & Tanks

  • Tank Capacity

    3bbl-120bbl options available. Oversized mash tuns, hot liquor tanks, & double/triple/quadruple batch unitanks/brites are options to consider.

  • Stackable

    Stacking fermenters/unitanks or mash/HLT are good ways to save floor space as long as you have the room height to accommodate.

  • Liquid Level

    Liquid level indicators can be added to any tank. Liquid level sight glasses come standard on 'UBS' Unitanks.

  • Pipe Diameter

    1.5" 2" or 3" diameter depending on your capacity. 1.5" ports come standard on 'UBS' tanks.

  • Height/Width

    We are flexible to your room demands. Skinny, wide, or standard.

  • Manways

    Glass or stainless steel manways for brewhouses. Side or top manways for unitanks.

  • Ports

    Ports can be placed anywhere you need them. The standard 'UBS' unitank comes with three ports (sample, thermometer, & carb stone)

Unitank, Fermenter, Brite Customization

  • Dry-Hop Port

    Do you need a dry-hop port? If so, what size? (2", 4", 6" 8"). The standard 'UBS' tank comes with a 4" dry-hop port.

  • Racking Arm Style

    Angled or parallel to the ground? Tri-Clamp, DIN, or SMS fitting? The standard 'UBS' unitank comes with an angled, DIN fitting racking arm. 

  • Number/Size of Arms

    One arm or two? What size port do you need? The standard 'UBS' unitank comes with two arms (CIP & Blow-off) with 1.5" tri-clamp ends.

  • Temp. Automation

    Automate your fermentation with a PLC controller. 

As you can see, there are many customizable areas when it comes to your brewery's tanks. Deciding on these options can be overwhelming and we can help you along the way with custom drawings and suggestions based on what you have available. 

Please give us a call so we can talk about your next project. 



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