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We can turn almost any room into a functioning brewery. With our technical know-how & experience with breweries, we can design, sell, & install your brewery from start to finish. Beyond that, we will keep you running with our high level of service. If you're looking to start a brewery or grow into a new production facility, you've come to the right place.

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New Brewery Process


Step 1: Phone Call Meeting

Before we get started, we'd like to know more about your general ideas and goals for the project. Having a phone call is essential to a seamless process throughout the rest of the consultation. Questions that we'd like answers to upfront are the size of the brewhouse that you're thinking (this can be a range), how automated you'd like your process to be, the location that you're thinking of placing the system, and what kind of auxiliary equipment that you'd like to go with it. This is helpful so that we can start giving you ballpark pricing on equipment.


If you haven't gotten that far, that's okay. We can start from the basics of how many pints you expect to sell each year and how many times a week you would ideally be brewing. If you haven't found a location yet either, that's okay. We can still give you an idea of the space you would & should be looking for based on your projections.


Step 2: In-Person On-Site Meeting

The next step will be to meet at the location you are planning to have your production at. Here, we will take the measurements necessary to build out a basic floorplan. If you already have blueprints made, great! We'll take those & work with them to give you a sense of what can fit. Beyond the actual floor space, we will look at where you have utilities, the door that the equipment will come in through (this is crucial) & any other obstacles we can see from our experience that we want you to know about ahead of time.  


Step 3: Equipment Quote

While we start the process of laying out the floor plan, you'll receive an initial equipment quote. Generally, we will quote out a range of options based on our original conversation. Check out our Custom Brewhouses page to learn more about the different options. If it all looks like it's within your budget, we will move onto the next step. 


Step 4: Initial Layout with Options

As we hash out the details on the initial equipment quote, we will provide you with a simple layout with different orientation options. Out of these options, we will have our favorite but, at the end of the day, this is your brewery and you can set it up however you like. The main point of the initial layout is to show you what can and cannot fit.


Step 5: Final Equipment Quote

At this point, we've gone back and forth on equipment benefits and shown you the best options for laying out the equipment. It's time to decide on the final brewhouse, quantity of fermenters, and auxiliary equipment. Once we have this, we will quote out everything in one package. 


Step 6: Install Quote

Once we know the exact equipment that will be going into your space, we will quote out an installation range for the project. We quote a range because the lead time from the down payment to the day we start installing is about 5-6 months. Material prices can change fairly drastically in that time. If you'd like to work with your local contractor for installation, that's no problem. We will work with them to get them the information that they need. 

Areas of installation that we do not get involved with; incoming (main) water lines, incoming (main) electrical, incoming (main) gas lines, concrete floors, and drains. 


Step 7: "Getting the Ball Rolling"

We can talk about down payment terms and finalize everything within a contract. Normal lead times from down payment to your first brew day are about 6 months depending on the project size.

The consultation comes at no charge if you end up buying your equipment through us. If you choose to go with a different supplier, our flat rate is $1,500 for the floor plan creation & install consultation.


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