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Chemical Solutions

The Ultimate Brew CIP Lean System is specifically aimed at breweries who are using 3 chemicals to clean their tanks. It will lean-up your CIP cycle by eliminating a step in the process & will allow you to use less chemical overall. This system ultimately saves you time (eliminating a step) & money (using less chemical).

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 (4 STEPS)

  • 1. Hot Water Rinse

    (160°- 175°) for 2-3 minutes. Preheats the Stainless & remove any big debris

  • 2. Caustic Wash

    Run 6010A or AMS for 30-45 min. with Hot Water (160°-175°)

    1oz. to 1gal for normal soil

    2oz. to 1gal for heavy soil

  • 3. Cold Water Rinse

    Removes residual caustic from the tank & pre-cools the tank back down. You do not want the caustic and acid sanitizer to mix!

  • 4. Acid Sanitizer Wash

    Run Oxystrike for 30-45 min. & no rinse.

    1.7oz-2.0oz to 5gal of cold water

It's easy to see how the CIP Lean System can save you on time alone. To see how the price compares to what you are currently doing, please give us a call or fill out the form below.

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Traditional Solutions

If you want to stick to the traditional methods of CIP, we can offer that as well. This solution still uses our High-Concentrate Caustic cleaner but separates the Acid & Sanitizer steps. The Stronghold Acid Rinse eliminates any beerstone & prevents buildup while the EPA registered Sanitizer Oxysan leaves your tanks in a sanitized environment. 

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Made in NY

Manual Cleaners

Our manual cleaning products will keep your stainless looking sharp. The Ultimate Brew Cleaner is a powdered non-caustic cleaner that is perfect for soaking stainless parts, taps, & getting hard to reach areas. The high-foaming cleaners keep your tanks in "show off" condition. 

To request pricing on any of our chemical solutions, fill out the form or give us a call/email. 


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