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Certified HVAC

Chiller Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

Are you having chiller problems? Have you had chiller problems in the past? Mother nature is heating up & it's time for some preventative maintenance for the upcoming summer.

Call today to get a certified HVAC technician to inspect & run preventative maintenance on your chiller unit for only $150.

Inspection Items

Electrical Power Check:

- Pump

- Fan Motors

- VFD (If Applicable)

- Motorized Valves

- Temperature Controllers

- Control Box

- High/Low Switches

Preventative Maintenance:

- Refrigeration Level Check

- Refrigeration Leak Detection

- Glycol Level Check

- Glycol Concentration Check

- Fan Blade Check

- Back Grate (Fins) Cleaning

- Back Grate (Fins) Adjustment

Service Note

Overall, we want your chiller to be running as optimal as possible. This means having the proper amount of refrigerant & glycol so your system doesn't run dry. Having clean vents to optimize air flow and having all of your electrical contacts working well. 

During the inspection & preventative maintenance process, we may find issues with your chiller beyond the maintenance we're there for. If there are problems, we will notify you & let you know what it would take to fix the problem. We will not proceed beyond the maintenance check without your approval. 


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