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Many of our brewer friends are looking to sell their equipment. See what they have available below.


We keep their contact info private so reach out to us and we will help arrange everything. 

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Modern Beer Brewery

Froth Brewing Co.'s

20bbl Brite Tank

SS Brew Tech Specs

1.5" CIP Arm

1.5" Temperature Port

1.5" Sample Valve Port

1.5" Carb Stone Port

1.5" Discharge Port

2" PRV


Willow Rock Brew's

7bbl Steam Kettle


Includes Thomsen Pump

1.5" CIP Arm

1.5" Discharge Port


Heritage Hill Brewing's

Dual 5bbl Split Brite


1.5" CIP Arm

(2) 1.5" Sample Valve Port

(2) 1.5" Carb Stone Port

(2) 1.5" Discharge Port

(2) PRV

(2) Liquid Level Sight Glass


Delivery Area: TBD with the owner. 

Delivery Cost: TBD with the owner.

Terms: TBD with the owner. 

Financing: If you are interested in financing one of these tanks, please contact us & we will refer you to Chris at North Star Leasing. He has worked with many of the breweries in the Northeast Region of the U.S. and is very flexible with payment terms. We can work together on getting a payment plan that works for you! Terms can be stretched out as far as 5 years.

If you'd like to apply for financing now, touch the button below. 

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