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Beer Tree Brewhouse Welding

Chris & Brenden needed some welding work done to their brand new brewhouse. They wanted a few modifications & additions; re-route/hard-plumb their heat exchanger, hard-plumb their CLT, add a 2" drain to their whirlpool, add a hop dam to their whirlpool

Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Glycol Line Install

Bill Ritchie from Mobile Craft Canning referenced us to Derric & Kristen Lunkenheimer, the masterminds behind Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Company. They are moving into a brand new space and needed help installing new glycol lines. We installed new copper lines for 4 tanks with room to expand.

Fairport Brewing 30-Tap Install

We installed a used 30-tap system for Fairport Brewing Company on University Ave. First, we gutted the used system by taking out the beer lines, cleaning the shanks & faucets & replacing the lines. Then, we re-insulated the tower and put it up on the wall. From there, we installed new regulators & keg couplers for each of the 30 taps. This project was done just in time for their 1 year anniversary party!

Forge Cellars Jacket Welding

We installed glycol jackets for 4 tanks using the MIG style of welding. While there, we also installed 2 new sample ports & 2 ladder racks for the winery. This was a quick project but it came just in time for wine season!

Mortalis Glycol Line Install

We installed glycol lines & temperature controllers (twice) for Mortalis Brewing. The first time, they got used tanks & we installed the lines/controllers. The second time, they bought through us from one of our suppliers, Alpha Brewing Ops. The same insulation & PVC was used to match the existing glycol lines. Every temp controller was moved away from the tanks (they were getting wet)

Living Roots Wine & Co. Custom Hopper

Seb from Living Roots asked us if we could create him a new hopper because the one he was using wasn't big enough & ultimately didn't satisfy his needs; challenge accepted, Seb! The hopper is now 51" x 44" at the top & 24" x 15" at the bottom with a hinge to move it up & down in-between grape crushing sessions. Cheers!!

Folino Estates Compressor Repair

Marco Folino was having issues cooling his product. Over the phone, it sounded like one of his compressors was shot. After further analyzing the situation on site, he was indeed having compressor issues. We replaced one unit & it went to running fine. A little while after, he called about his other unit (it's a dual unit) having similar problems. We soon found out his other compressor was shot so we replaced that one as well. Everything was running fine after that. Cheers, Marco!


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